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Zeiss Binoculars 10P30 BT

Zeiss Binoculars 1030 BT

Since its inception in the middle of the 1840's, the Zeiss company has been known for the quality of the their optical lenses. For over one hundred years they have been producing some of the most highly regarded binoculars in the world.

Ziess products are noted for their, state - if - the - art technology, ruggedness, and use of corrosion resistant materiel's. Each and every pair of binoculars the Zeiss company sells is dust doing, water resistant, and is suppose to be able to work in both high and low temperatures. Each pair of binoculars is also comes with a anti - reflective coating that the Zeiss company developed.

One of the binoculars that the Ziess company produces is the Zeiss binocular 10X30 BT. The 10X30 BT binocular is a part of the Zeiss company's compact. Specifications of the Zeiss Conquest 10X30 BT are; an exit pupil of 3, and an eye relief of 4. 5mm. The Zeiss Conquest 10X30 BT weighs two pounds. Its PID is 20125. This pair of binoculars is 4. 53 " wide. When the eye cup is fully extended the Killing 10X30BT is 5. 6 " tall

In addition to the great technology that is featured in every single pair of binoculars that the Zeiss company produces, the Conquest 10X30 also features a state of the art outer encasing. Eyeglass wearers are able to use the Zeiss Conquest 10X30 BT in comfort, thanks to its folding eye cups and high eye point eyepieces. The Zeiss Conquest 10X30 BT won't fog up during use thanks to the nitrogen filling. The casing of every pair of binoculars in the Conquest series is made out of temperature resistant armour that wont slip while the user is booty them. The eye cups are lockable.

The Zeiss Company includes a comfortable Neoprene strap, a Cordura pouch with a region loop, and a protective eyepiece altitude with each purchase of the Conquest 10X30 BT.

Other binoculars in Ziess's Conquest series count the 8X30 BT, the12X45 BT, and the15X45 BT. The 8X40 and the 10X40 are large binoculars while the 8X30 and the 10 X30 are midsized. Zeiss Conquest binoculars have been praised for their outstanding performance during dim.

The Zeiss Conquest Binocular Series is very popular among bird watchers. The Zeiss Conquest binoculars are in the middle of the pricing scale. A pair on Conquest binoculars can be purchased for as inconsiderable for $470. 00 or as high as $800. 00. If you would like a pair of Zeiss Conquest binoculars but feel the price is to steep watch on - work dealers and Internet auctions. There are often good, used, binoculars to be endow fr sale on EBay. If you choose to purchase a pair of Zeiss Conquest binoculars from an EBay store, try to get the dealer to guarantee the condition of the binoculars. Make sure you know how much it is going to cost to have the binoculars shipped. The average shipping price for a pair of Zeiss Binoculars is approximately $17. 00.

Ziess is confident about the quality of their binoculars that they provide each set with a lifetime, transferable warranty.


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