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Camcorder DV Mini Sony Binoculars

Camcorder DV Mini Sony Binoculars

On January 5, 2005 in Las Vegas the Sony Corporation made an announcement. They proudly announced the arrival of six brand new mini DV Handycam camcorders. At the time of the announcement Sony stressed that these new mini - camcorders would obvious to use, stylish, and improve on performance and functionality.

Each of the six new handycam models comes complete with a special Handycam Station. The Handycam Station lets the mini - camcorder owners plug their camcorder directly thing their television or personal computer. The Handycam Station is a tabletop cradle. In addition to allowing the camcorder user to connect their mini DV Handycam camcorders to their TVs and personal computers the Handycam Station also recharges the camcorders batteries. The Handycam Station's features include, an audio / video terminal that connect to the computer and television, an S - video, i. link, and a USB port.

Sony designed the newest installment with individuals who love recording high level videos in mind. Sony accomplished this by carefully studying how people use their camcorders. They then incorporated this information into the design of the six min - camcorders. Sony claims that they want people to think of their camcorder as an important part of their life, as important as a cell phone.

The six new mini DV Handycam camcorders were the DCR - PC1000, the DCR - PC55, the DCR - HC90, the DCR - HC32, the DCR - HC42, and the DCR - HC21. The DCR - 1000. The prices of these binoculars range from $400. 00 ( the DCR - HC21 ) to $1300. 00 ( the DCR - PC1000 ).

Each new mini DV Handycam camcorders come with a discrepancy of features. The DCR - HC21 has 20X Optical / 800X digital zoom, and technology that improves image stabilization. The DCR - HC32 comes complete with a Memory Stick DUO media slot. The DCR - HC42 is capable of putting together a slide show, and has 2. 7 inch LCD screen that swivels. The DCR - PC55 is designed with a automatic lens cover. The DCR - HC90 has a three megapixal CCD, it has a built in flash, and is designed to accommodate Zeiss Vario - Sonnar T * lens. The most luxurious of the mini DV Handycam camcorders, the DCR - PC1000 has a three - chip CMOS sensor.

The three - chip CMOS is sensor technology that is available in the DCR - OC900 and the DCR - OC1000 is a enhanced imaging processor that provides the mini - camcorders with state - of - the - art picture quality, and better lighting details. The three - chip CMOS uses less power. CMOS is shriveled for complimentary metal oxide semi - conductor.

The Zeiss lenses that Sony uses have a long standing history whereas being premium binocular lenses.

If you own a piece of electronics that was designed by Sony, check out their website if it breaks. At the Sony Corporations website evident is possible to order replacement parts or accessory items for your Sony product. All you have to do is fill out the repair form that can be found on the Sony Corporation's website. There is even a spot to check the progress of a repair that a Sony representative is already performing and a lace where Sony will provide you with the estimated cost of a repair. If you feel that you are incapable of installing the chunk correctly by yourself, the Sony website provides you with a list of authorized dealers and representatives in your part of the world.


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